What is the best tape for my hair system and for my scalp?

Daily Wear Hair System Tape - Easy to apply and easy to remove
  • 1522 Clear is a Daily Wear option with medical grade gentleness.

  • Performaxx is a clear tape and one of the most popular tapes for hair systems.
  • This Side to Base offers the cleanest removal and most invisible hold of our Daily Wear tapes.

  • Natural Hold gives you the longest-lasting performance of our Daily Wear options.

Extended Wear Hair System Tape (1-2 weeks)

Lace Front Thin works great for all system types, while the others are best kept for poly systems since they have a bit of shine. 
  • Sensi-Tak is our Extended Wear bestseller, beloved for its clean removal.
  • Super Stick is best known for its high initial hold strength.
  • German Brown is our one natural-rubber-based tape and is an industry standard for its amazing hold to hard bond adhesives.
  • Lace Front Thin gives you the most natural-looking hairline achievable of all our tapes.
Maximum Wear Hair System Tape (2- 4 weeks)
Pro Flex II has some shine to it, so is recommended for poly systems.
  • Lace Front is our Maximum Wear bestseller, famous for its dullness and reliable hold.
  • No-Shine is virtually invisible under the system and our strongest hypoallergenic tape.
  • Duo-Tac uses two different adhesives, with one side ideal for mesh systems and the other side for poly systems.
  • Ultra Hold Tape is one of the strongest tapes in the industry.
  • Extenda-Bond has Swiss-cheese-like holes that make it one of the most breathable tapes.
  • Pro-Flex II is the longest-lasting medical grade tape that we’ve ever seen.

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