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With 25 years of experience and dedicated service to her clients Jackie Donovan is recognized as an outstanding mentor in every aspect of the hair replacement industry. She is a current member and past president of the American Hair Loss Council and a certified member of the “Look Good, Feel Better” program of the American Cancer Society.


Periodically Jackie holds classes for licensed professional cosmetologists at her Studio in Houston, located between downtown Houston and the Medical District. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of achievement.


download Changing Images  Hair Replacement Class form hereFor anyone interested in signing up for Hair Replacement Classes click here to download the application form.


If you are unable to attend a training session in Houston, Jackie can come to you. This is often the best option for a Studio owner who wants his/her cosmetologists to be trained in non-surgical hair replacement techniques and procedures, without the expense of travelling to Houston and the disruption of services this would entail. Please call Changing Images for details at 713-523-3500.


Topics Covered


Learn how to build client trust and confidence from the beginning to the end. You will fine-tune your ability to listen intently to your client in order to address his or her needs. You will learn what type of hair replacement system (cranial prosthesis, wig, integration system, vacuum system, partial hair addition, or micropoint solutions) will work best for your client and whether it will be human hair, synthetic or a blend. You will also learn the terminology that is used in the industry. The consultation is a very important part of the hair replacement business.



There are so many variables to consider that ordering can be somewhat overwhelming. This section of the seminar will guide you in selecting the density, color, length, curl pattern and the right base for your client. We will show you how to fill out the order forms and how to decide which manufacturer is the best to order from.


A mold of a client's head, which is made to send off to the prosthesis manufacturer

Mold Making

The mold is the very foundation for the client’s hair system. Each individual’s head is different; therefore, we make a mold to use as a guideline for a perfect fit. You will learn how to find the proper hairline and when to use a plaster cast mould or tape mould.


Working with Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic fibers can become unruly and pose problems. You’ll learn several methods of how to tame synthetics to look like natural hair with the right styling.


Working with Human Hair

After learning how to work with synthetics, you will learn techniques for working with human hair and how they can blend with synthetic fibers. You will learn the different types of hair: European, French refined, Yak, Remy, Cyberhair and more. Many clients are already knowledgeable about the different kinds of hair so it’s very important for you to become well informed too. You’ll be taught what to do when hair mats and tangles and why.


Cutting Techniques

Learn the latest techniques of cutting synthetic and human hair for the best results possible. You will learn the best approach to blend the client’s hair with the added hair and removing extra thickness for a very natural look. We’ll offer tips on the proper tools to use.


Coloring Techniques

Coloring processed hair requires special techniques. You will learn how to work with both synthetic and human hair to accomplish natural, complimentary results for even the most discriminating clients.


Wigs (hair prostheses) ready for clients at Changing Images Studio

Styling Techniques

In this section of the seminar, you will learn the latest styling techniques to ensure the best look. Blending the added hair with the client’s existing hair is the most important part of styling.


Perming Techniques

You’ll learn how to perm both human and synthetic hair additions when you have both together in one hair system.


Permanent & Temporary Attachment Methods

You will learn different attachment methods including Jackie's patented method of attachment. You will learn what is safe and what is not. Different methods work best with different clients. You will learn how to determine what is best for your client.


Marketing Plan

The techniques learned in this seminar will equip you to build your business and serve the huge number of clients suffering from thinning or loss of hair. You’ll learn the best approach when targeting the medical market. You will learn how to generate profit for your business through conventional advertising and marketing through a website.



Many clients may be eligible to claim back some of their hair replacements costs from their health insurance policy. We'll go over the forms required and how to submit them, and supply sample letters if needed.



Class Options


Typically our classes last 3 days but we have had students from overseas who opt to stay a full week. A lot of information is provided and some students prefer to stay 3 days and then return for a refresher course (maybe a 1-day class) after they have had time to practice their techniques. This gives you time to figure out what you need further instruction on. Please call for more information.


1-Day Class Option

If you are interested in a particular segment of the full class schedule we offer a 1-day class that covers specific topics you request. Please call for further information.


Transportation Provided

We can arrange nearby accommodation and transportation to and from the Studio every class day. We can also arrange to pick you up from Hobby Airport if needed. Complimentary lunch is provided every day.


Method of Payment

Call for pricing.

Check/M.O., Paypal, VISA, Discover, MasterCard, or American Express


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