Professional Hair Replacement Supplies: TAPE
Walker, Performaxx, Jorgen

Contours & Straight Edge Tapes - See Shape Chart here

We carry a complete line of specialized products and supplies available for purchase here, recommended by the makers of the hair systems we use, most of which are only available through certified Hair Loss Clinics. These products are specifically designed for use with human and synthetic hair systems and ensure the longevity of your system.


To avoid allergic reaction, perform a skin test 24-hours prior to each application.
Some users may develop an allergic reaction initially or after continued use. No warranty, expressed or implied, is made to any user. Instructions for safe use must, without exception, be followed.


Walker Tapes:
Rolls, Contour Strips & Straight Strips



12 unique bonding tapes by Walker subdivided into 3 groups by hold time (shape chart here)


Please click here to select from all Walker Tapes


Daily Wear Tapes: (1-7 days)

* 3M Clear Wear Tape

* This Side To Base



Extended Wear Tapes: (1-2 weeks)

* SENSI-TAK (red tape)

* Super Stick

* German Brown Liner Cloth

* Lace Front Thin


Extended Wear Tapes: (2-4 weeks)

* Lace Front Support Tape (Blue Liner)

* No-Shine

* Duo-Tac

* Duo-Tac Thin

* Pro-Flex II



Walker's Perimeter Attachment Tap - P.A.T.

Walker PAT Tape - one sided sticky hair tape

P.A.T. Tape - 1 roll

3/4" x 18 yards


Ideal for those who re-attach their hair systems at home.

P.A.T. is sticky on one side only. Adhesive must be used with this product.



- place sticky side of tape around the edges (perimeter) of the hair system

- apply adhesive to tape (tape prevents adhesive seeping into hair system)


$45.00 per roll




Liquid Tapes

Walker Mity-Tite Liquid Tape - 0.5 oz


For touchups between replacements. If you intend to remove your hair system every day or every few days we recommend looking at our tapes for easier application and removal. However, if you are going for extended or permanent holds with other adhesives, then Mity-Tite is your best friend!


All adhesives break down at different rates based on environment and the person wearing it. Use Mity-Tite when your unit starts to lift and you need to quick & easy way to resecure it. Many users carry it with them all the time just in case they need it in an emergency.





$11.00 - 0.5 oz bottle


Walker Ultra Hold Brush-on Adhesive- 0.5 oz with brush

Walker Ultra Hold Brush-on Adhesive- 0.5 oz
- with brush



For use with extended wear bonding only. This adhesive can easily provide up to 4 weeks of super-strength attachment.



Since the fluid is thicker than most, we recommend using only a single, thin layer.


$11.95 - 0.5 oz bottle











Jorgen Liquid Tape

Jorgen Liquid Tape - ½ oz


This waterproof liquid adherant silicone is designed to give that extra security needed for an active life style.






Performaxx "B" Back Contour Secure Transparent Tape


Performaxx "B" Back Contour Secure Transparent Tape - 1 pkt



Contour "B"

Packet contains 36 strips of tape




$5.00 - per packet






Euro (Mini / Long) Bonding Strips:
Contour & Straight Edge Strips


Euro  Mini Bonding Strips ¾”x1½” - pkt of 40 strips

Euro Mini Bonding Strips ¾”x1½” - pkt of 36 strips














Euro Long Bonding Strip 5”x12” - ea

Euro Long Bonding Strip 1½”x12” - ea





$5.00 ea



Stop Shine - eliminates shine (reflection) from adhesive tapes

Stop Shine - 1.3 fl oz


Stop Shine is a surface treatment designed to eliminate "shine" from light reflected from the surface of adhesive tapes. Stop Shine can be used between fittings to refresh "tired" adhesives.


If you notice your glue or tape losing its hold before you’re ready to remove your system, you can use STOP Shine to freshen it up. That’s right: renew your adhesive and kill the glimmer at the same time!

The manufacturer (True Tape) promises that STOP Shine will NOT weaken your adhesive, and this 1.3 oz. dab-on bottle holds enough for hundreds of uses!



- Apply adhesive tape or glue to scalp as usual.

- Shake well and dab Stop Shine lightly on top surface of adhesive tape or dry glue, then rub vigorously over shiny surface until Stop Shine starts to dry.

- When dry, press wig or hairpiece onto "dulled" tape or glue surface. In order to refresh tapes and glues repeat above directions as needed.




$13.00 - 1.3 fl oz

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