Solvents & Removers

In addition to a large selection of shampoos, conditioners and all other hair care / styling products we have a growing supply of hairpiece adhesives and adhesive removers, solvents for hairpieces, wigs and all hair replacement items.

We specialize in products to help cover up thinning hair, towels, sleep caps, turbans and all specialty items needed for the care of human hair & synthetic hair prostheses including custom wigs and hair extensions.

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To avoid allergic reaction, perform a skin test 24-hours prior to each application.
Some users may develop an allergic reaction initially or after continued use. No warranty, expressed or implied, is made to any user. Instructions for safe use must, without exception, be followed.




Walker Tape Guide: Shape Guide here

Walker Action Adhesive Remover, 4 fl oz
Skin Safe


Rinses with soap and water



Spray on adhesive area. Breakdown will begin in seconds. The release time will depend on the adhesive buildup.

Remove residue.

Shampoo & rinse.



Do not use or store near open flame. External use only.

Do not leave on silicone bases more than 2-3 minutes.

Avoid eye contact.


$7.95 - 4 fl oz


Walker Citrus Solvent C-22, 4oz spray bottle

Walker Citrus Solvent C-22, 4oz spray bottle


Walker's #1 adhesive remover, not only because it’s gentle on skin, but also because it’s FAST. You will love its fresh scent, and how easy it is to rinse off with soap and water.

Save yourself time and money with this fast solvent for skin, C-22.



COMBUSTIBLE. Do not use or store near open flame. External use only.


$7.95 - 4oz spray bottle




UltraSafe All Natural Adhesive Remover - 4oz


With only three ingredients, Ultra Safe Adhesive Remover is an all natural alternative and safe product for you to use on your scalp and skin.


It's 100% organic, conditions skin, is anti-fungal and biodegradable.


UltraSafe is gentle on your skin and ideal for Lace units because it contains no harsh solvents, no dyes and doesn't have harmful fumes.



Remove-All Exfoliating gel 8 oz bottle

Remove-All Exfoliating Gel - 8oz

Professional Hair Labs


A compound of scrubbing beads and essential elements that removes scaling and oils. Also contains emollients that promote a strong healthy skin.


Remove-All is an exfoliate designed to remove dead skin layers and promote a healthy and balanced scalp. Remove-All does not contain crushed nut shells which could cause reactions among clients with nut allergies. Its hypo-allergenic scrubbing beads ensure both safety and impressive results.








PURE Citru-Spice Remover - 4oz

PURE non-toxic & biodegradable adhesive remover.

Infused with all natural orange oils to give it a fresh clean smell. 4oz spray bottle.


Directions: Moisten adhesive residue with PURE Citru-spice, wipe clean. Repeat, if necessary. Wash skin with soap and water after use.


Caution: Keep away from children. Do not ingest. If ingestion does occur, do not induce vomiting, seek medical assistance. For eye contact, flush with plenty of water. If irritation should develop, do not continue use of this product. Combustible. Keep away from open flame, spark and heat in excess of 110 °F.



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