Solutions For Children

Especially for children and teenagers

Forget about ill-fitting wigs - the ones that feel as if they are about to blow off with a slight gust of wind and wobble around (embarrassingly) when jumping or running - they are a thing of the past.

Your new hair system will match your natural hair color and texture, and we'll style it to mimic your original hairstyle, so the transition will be barely discernible. You can, of course, opt for a completely new color, length and style too.

Your new hair system will stay firmly on your head without moving, even while exercising and playing sport.

Visible hair loss is difficult enough for adults to accept, but when a child experiences it, the results can be devastating.

Changing Images has seen many children and teenagers in this situation, and witnessed the change in their self-image when they get their custom human hair system. Our clients include youngsters with permanent hair loss from scarring and burns to the scalp, those undergoing medical treatments that result in a temporary loss of hair, and those suffering from a variety of medical conditions such as alopecia, trichotillomania etc.

Jackie Donovan has helped many children with all type of hair loss, and is happy to discuss your options. You are assured of a style, color and fit that compliments your child and is comfortable to wear and easy to care for. We will guide you through your options (you will be surprised how many are available), advise and recommend the most appropriate solution, and support you through the entire process so your child can regain his/her self–esteem and self confidence.

The staff at Changing Images will take exceptionally good care of you: all consultations and appointments are confidential and discrete and held one-on-one in a private room. We understand what you and your child are going through and are here to help. Call to schedule your free no-obligation consultation.

We provide assistance with insurance claims and cooperative services with Doctors and other Medical Professionals (if applicable). A hair prosthesis may be a tax deductible medical expense and is covered by some health insurance companies.

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