Professional Hair Care Products & Supplies
~ buy your specialty shampoos & conditioners to promote growth for thin hair, hair loss ~
~ specialized products for hair replacement systems ~

We carry a complete line of specialized products and supplies available for purchase here, recommended by the makers of the hair systems we use, most of which are only available through certified Hair Loss Clinics. These products are specifically designed for use with human and synthetic hair systems and ensure the longevity of your system.


In addition to a large selection of shampoos, conditioners and all other hair care / styling products available for sale we have adhesives (liquid and tape), specialized products to help cover up thinning hair, brushes, towels, sleep caps, turbans and all specialty items needed for the care of synthetic and/or human hair prostheses including custom wigs and hair extensions.


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All Supplements

Hair Fact Supplements for Women, Hair Fact Supplements for Men
Anagize (ReGen) Healthy Hair & Scalp Regimen Inter-Balance Complex Capsules


Attachment & Removal

Liquid Adhesives

Perma Rite Adhesives (bottle or tube), Jorgen Liquid Tape, Secure Silicone Adhesive, Invisibond Waterproof Topical Adhesive, Walker Ultra Hold Brush On Adhesive,Ghost Bond XL Adhesive


Solvents & Removers

Walker Action Adhesive Remover, Walker sensitive skin solvent S3, Walker cirtus solvent c-22, UltraSafe All Natural Adhesive Remover, Remove-All Exfoliating Gel, PURE Citru-Spice Remover.

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Walker sensitive skin tape, Walker Ultra Hold Tape, Pro Flex II, Walker Lace Front Support Tape, Walker Lace Front Thin Tape, Blue Liner Tape, 3M Clear Tape, This Side to Base Tape, German Brown Liner Tape, SENSI-TAK Tape, Super Stick Tape, Duo-Tac Tape, Duo-Tac Thin Tape, No-Shiine Tape, Rolls, Contours & Straight Edge Strips, Walker P.A.T. Tape, Walker 3M Clear Tape, Performaxx Tape, Jorgen Liquid Tape, Stop Shine




HairMax LaserBand 41, Keep cool Do-Rag, Fashion Turbans, Towels, Combs, Jon Renau Heat Treat Thermal Spray, Scalpmate™ Cleansing System, Replacement Sponges for Scalpmate Cleansing System - package of 3, Bottle Warmer


Hair Care Products


Alra Mild Conditioning Shampoo


AnaGize (- formally ReGen)

AnaGize Five Piece System Kit for Men, AnaGize Five Piece System Kit for Women, AnaGize Scalp Therapy Cleansing Treatment, AnaGize Balancing Treatment Shampoo, AnaGize Stabilizing Body Conditioning Treatment, AnaGize Bio-Active Serum, AnaGize Minoxodil 5% (Men Only), AnaGize Minoxodil 5% (Men & Women), AnaGize Inter-Balance Complex - 120 Softgel Capsules



Apollo Tea Leaf Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil, Apollo Magic Mousse- Liquid Spray On Mousse, Hair Brite Conditioning Shampoo, Select Blends Conditioner with Silk Proteins, Select Blends Leave-In Conditioner with Vitamin E Silk Protein, Cheveux Long and Strong Leave-in Tensel Strengthener



Artisyn Control Paste, Artisyn Lift Spray, Artisyn Shine & Seal Mist, Artisyn Structure Lotion, Artisyn Volume Foam

Professional Stylists

Join our team of Hair Care Professionals and become a John Amico Independent Professional Representative.

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Hair Brushes



144 C-Formula Cleanse Concentrate, 244 C-Formula Condition Concentrate, 274 C-Formula Deep Conditioning Treatment Concentrate, 289 C-Formula Condition Complex, 345 C-Formula Control Spray, 355 C-Formula Special Effects Creme, 444 C-Formula Final Protection


Combs / Towels / Tape

Combs, Tape, Liquid Tape, Adhesives, Adhesive Removers, Scalpmate™ Cleansing System, Replacement Sponges for Scalpmate Cleansing System - package of 3, Bottle Warmer


Now available online,

Innovative Wet-Look &
Soft-Liquid Leave-in Spray Conditioner

From Spain,
Innovative's latest products

My clients ask for it constantly!


Envy Wigs

Gisela Mayer Wigs

Take a look at the selection of wigs, toupees and headcoverings available from Gisela Mayer and Envy Wigs



Concise Healthy Essentials Ultra-Loc, Concise Healthy Essentials Cleanse, Concise Healthy Essentials Pro-Conditioner, Concise Healthy Essentials Silk-EEZ, Concise Healthy Essentials Liquid Style, Concise Healthy Essentials Styling Gel, Concise Healthy Essentials Hydra Mist, Concise Color Refresher: available colors - Honey Pine, Natural Cherry, Olde Maple, Red Oak & Royal Walnut.


CT - Caring Touch

CT Deep Cleansing Shampoo, CT Fragrance Free Cleanse Shampoo, CT Pro Cleaner, CT Shampoo with Moisturizers,CT Fragrance Free Enriched Conditioner, CT Fragrance Free Design Sprae, CT Finishing Spray


de Fabulous (dF)

de Fabulous Shampoo, de Fabulous Conditioner, de Fabulous Safe Guard Color Endure Shampoo, de Fabulous Safe Guard Color Endure Conditioner, de Fabulous Safe Guard Color Endure Treatment, de Fabulous Styling Foam, de Fabulous Spray Gel, de Fabulous Shine-On Me, de Fabulous Thermal Patrol, de Fabulous styling Mist, de Fabulous Get Closer Scalp Aid Treatment.



Hair loss concealer available in 6 colors


Grace Biogen

Hair Fact Supplements for Women, Hair Fact Supplements for Men, Grace Tricho Hair Treament Gel



Hair Brushes


Hair Doctor Combs

More than just a comb. Rotating teeth turn to massage your scalp and slide through tangles.


Hair Support

Hair Support Color Retention Shampoo, Hair Support Cleansing & Revitalizing Shampoo, Hair Support Restructuring Conditioner, Hair Support Foam Styling Mousse, Hair Support Shaping Spray, Home Treatment System, Hair Support Shampoo Massage Brush, Hair Support Vitamins.



Hairmax for Density bundle, LaserComb Professional 12: An in-home FDA approved device, HairMax Fibers in 8 colors, HairMax Hair Care Package consisting of HairMax Enhancing Shampoo, HairMax Revitalizing Conditioner, HairMax Invigorating Scalp Treatment and HairMax Scalp And Hair Fortifier.



Innovative Soft-Liquid Leave-in Spray Conditioner, Innovative Wet-Look Light Fixing Solution


Ionix Daily Shampoo, Ionix Pre-Shampoo Solution, Ionix Daily Condition, Ionix Deep Conditioner, Ionix Maintenance Spray


JKS International

JKS Hair Thinning, Loss & Growth Products: Scalp Rehab Shampoo, Scalp Rehab Conditioner, Scalp Rehab Leave-in Treatment. JKS color spray powder - an effective hair loss concealer and also works great as a root touch-up: Dark Brown, Brown, Chestnut Brown, Light Brown, Blonde & Colorless a great lift up volumizer.


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John Amico - JA

Jalyd Bio Complex Plus Eleven (11) Fluid, Jalyd Color Spray (Infinity Revive) JA PC Putty, JA Volumizer Shampoo, JA Fresh Hair Dry Shampoo, JA Fresh Hair Dry Conditioner, JA CEA Shampoo, JA Comeback Shampoo, JA Comeback Conditioner, JA Medaclear Shampoo, JA Pure Sulfate-Free Shampoo, JA Fresh Hair Conditioner, Botanical Silk Kiwi shampoo, Botanical Silk Kiwi conditioner, Botanical Silk Unmouuse Gel, Finishing Mist, JA Biominoil Leave-in Conditioning Treatment, JA Botanical Silk Finishing Mist Hairspray, JA Curling Iron Texturizer Spray (CIT), JA Unmousse Extra Styling Aid, JA Super Hold Mousse, JA Express Yourself Spray, Jalyd Folliap Fizzy Curl, Jalyd Folliap Play Gum, John Amico Play Gum Hair Fixative, Bio-Vita-Tin products.


John Amico - Casablanca

John Amico Casablanca Line of hair care products all with Argan Oil: Sulfate Free, John Amico Casablance Shampoo/Body Wash with Argan Oil, John Amico Casablance Conditioner with Argan Oil, John Amico Casablance Styling Foam with Argan Oil, John Amico Casablance Styling Foam with Argan Oil, John Amico Oil with Argan Oil


John Amico M Men's Line

Daily Shampoo, Deep Clean Tea Tree Shampoo, Control Gel with Natural Aloe Vera, Daily Conditioner & Cologne



Jorgen Travel Kit, Jorgen Liquid Tape, Jorgen Daily Shampoo, Jorgen Moisturizing Shampoo, Jorgen Medicated Shampoo, Jorgen Reconstructor Treatment, Jorgen Daily Conditioner, Jorgen Moisturizing Conditioner, Jorgen Protein Conditioner, Jorgen Leave-on Conditioner, Jorgen Root Burst, Jorgen Finishing Spray, Jorgen Sculpting Hold, Jorgen Volume Plus, Jorgen Renew, Jorgen Enhancer, Jorgen Wet Look Lotion, Jorgen Bio Enxyme, Jorgen Oxidation Spray, Jorgen Amber


La Gem

La Gem Amethyst Normalizing Mist, La Gem Chrysolite Balancing Shampoo, La Gem Citrine Clean Dry Shampoo, La Gem Diamond Glass, La Gem Emerald Finishing Mist, La Gem Garnet Reconstructor, La Gem Jade Leave-In Conditioner, La Gem Pearl Shampoo, La Gem Pearl Conditioner, La Gem Sapphire Styling Spray, La Gem Turquoise Clarifying Shampoo, La Gem Turquoise Conditioning Mist, La Gem Gift Pack

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Megaderm Natural Silky Clean Clear Shampoo, Megaderm Natural Conditioning Rinse , Megaderm Natural Deep Cleanser, Megaderm Treatment Product


New Man      **SOLD OUT***

New Man Cleanser Concentrate, New Man Deep Conditioner, New Man Deep Cleansing Shampoo, New Man Light Conditioner



Onque Hydrating Shampoo, Onque Hydrating Conditioner, Onque Hydrating Shield, Onque Defining Gel, Onque Purifying Treatment


Progen Nutrifuse

Progen Nutri-Fuse W. Smoothing Cream, Progen Nutri-Fuse Travel Kit, Progen Nutrifuse M Nourishing Shampoo, Progen Nutrifuse M Moisture Rich Conditioner, Progen Nutrifuse M Leave-In Conditioner



Qshi Moisturizing Shampoo, Qshi Leave-In Conditioner, Qshi Sulfate-Free Moisturizing Shampoo,Qshi Living Enzyme Dry Shampoo, Qshi Creamy JL, Qshi Foam-A-Cut & Style, Qshi Argan Oil Conditioning Serum, Qshi GOTYU Hair Spray, Qshi Bio Hydrate Conditioner,


ReGen - renamed: AnaGize

See the Anagize products listing above. Anagize (ReGen) Hair Therapy for Men & Women



Reload Complete Home Kit for Men, Reload Complete Home Kit for Women,



Revivogen Bio Cleansing Shampoo, Revivogen Thickening Conditioner, Revivogen Scalp Therapy (3 month supply)



Roffler Mountain Sage Shampoo, Roffler Sculpt Lotion


Scalp Scripts

Scalp Scripts "DEA FREE" Shampoo Cleanser






Hair Fact Supplements for Women, Hair Fact Supplements for Men
Anagize (ReGen) Healthy Hair & Scalp Regimen Inter-Balance Complex Capsules



Euro-Bonding, Performaxx, Jorgen Liquid Tape



XFusion Keratin Hair Building Shampoo & Conditioner, XFusion Keratin Hair Fattener, XFusion Keratin Hair Fibers in 9 colors, XFusion Fiberhold Spray


Professional Tools

Linking Tool, Microfilament Thread, Microlinks



Envy Wigs, Gisela Mayer Wigs

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