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Innovative Hair Care products use the most up-to-date scientific technology. Extraordinary effectiveness and surprising results. An integral range for scalp, beauty and restoration of hair shafts.


Innovative Soft-Liquid Leave-in Spray Conditioner

Innovative Soft-Liquid Leave-in Spray Conditioner - 11.16oz





Ultra-light leave-in spray conditioner for frequent use on permed, damaged, rough, frizzy or generally dry hair.


Soft-Liquid leave-in spray conditioner untangles, adds softness and shine to your hair. Leaves hair tangle-free for easier management but gives it shine, body & bounce to add to the natural look. The amino vitamin complex helps to protect hair keratine.


Fresh scent


– shake well
– spray on to wet, towel dried or dry hair
– style as normal


Be sure to shake well before using


11.16oz spray bottle


Innovative Wt Look light fixing solution

Innovative Wet-Look - 11.16oz

"For wet look and long lasting shine"


A light fixing solution for the hair by Innovative from Spain.


WET-LOOK provides consistency, volume, body and shine to the hair.


- Fixes the hair smoothly whilst maintaining the hairstyle, and giving it a natural flowing or wet look

- Does not make hair greasy or dry


- It is designed for all hair types

- Ideal as a final touch for all hairstyles

- Helps to shape during the drying or blow-drying process


– spray generously onto wet, towel dried or dry hair
– use daily as a final touch for any hair style



$22.00 - 11.16oz

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