Hair Accessories

Introducing fashion turbans in many color combinations

In addition to a large selection of shampoos, conditioners and all other hair care / styling products we have accessories including odor control products & scalp cleaning products.


We specialize in products to help cover up thinning hair, towels, sleep caps, turbans and all specialty items needed for the care of human hair prostheses including custom wigs and hair extensions.


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HAIRMAX LaserBand 41


A great stocking stuffer for your loved ones


The HairMax LaserBand 41 delivers gentle, nourishing laser light energy to your hair follicles to stimulate cellular energy production and create a healthier environment for hair growth. This boost of laser light encourages more blood flow to the follicle, helping to bring in more oxygen and nutrients, which activates antioxidant defenses and speeds up the elimination of waste produts such as DHT.


HairMax laser light treatments help to reverse the thinning process, restore the hair's growth cycle and REGROW your hair.



Place the flexible LaserBand 41 over your scalp like a headband, moving 2" every 30 seconds until the entire scalp has been covered. LaserBand 41 will vibrate every 30 seconds to help you time the application.

For best results, follow this procedure three times a week regularly.



- Stimulates Hair Growth

- Treats Hair Loss

- Increases Density & Fullness

- Revitalizes Damaged Hair

- Reverses Hair Thinning

- Restores Natural Hair Growth Cycle



$499.00 (free shipping)


The best srap bottle I have ever used

Spray Bottle


"This is the best spray bottle I have ever used"


You have to try it to believe it.


So easy to use, even for small hands. And if you have arthritis, this bottle is the answer.


The easy grip makes it so easily managed: hold and pump at the same time. Couldn't be easier.


Designed in Holland

Holds 10 fl oz / 300 ml






Stop Shine - eliminates shine (reflection) from adhesive tapes

Stop Shine - 1.3 fl oz


Stop Shine is a surface treatment designed to eliminate "shine" from light reflected from the surface of adhesive tapes. Stop Shine can be used between fittings to refresh "tired" adhesives.


If you notice your glue or tape losing its hold before you’re ready to remove your system, you can use STOP Shine to freshen it up. That’s right: renew your adhesive and kill the glimmer at the same time!

The manufacturer (True Tape) promises that STOP Shine will NOT weaken your adhesive, and this 1.3 oz. dab-on bottle holds enough for hundreds of uses!



- Apply adhesive tape or glue to scalp as usual.

- Shake well and dab Stop Shine lightly on top surface of adhesive tape or dry glue, then rub vigorously over shiny surface until Stop Shine starts to dry.

- When dry, press wig or hairpiece onto "dulled" tape or glue surface. In order to refresh tapes and glues repeat above directions as needed.




$13.00 - 1.3 fl oz

Heat Treat Thermal spray by Jon Renau

Jon Renau Heat Treat Thermal Spray - 8.5 oz **NEW**

Heat Treat Thermal Spray is heat activated and excellent when used with flat irons, curling irons, hot and velcro rollers.


This non-sticking thermal protectant and styling spray prevents hair damage by permitting a clean release from styling tools. Hair is left brushable and volumized.


For use with both human hair and heat defiant synthetic hair.







Pro Hair Labs No Sweat Scalp Anti-Perspirant - 8oz bottle

Pro Hair Labs No Sweat Scalp Anti-Perspirant - 8oz **NEW**

From Professional Hair Labs, a scalp anti-perspirant formulated for use before applying adhesives. Safe and effective to ensure that the scalp’s natural oils and perspiration are controlled long enough for the bonding adhesive to cure properly.


This product is a must for those with overly active sebaceous (oil) glands or who excessively. Formulated under the auspices of a team of chemists, Professional Hair Labs always puts safety first.
• Antiperspirant for the scalp
• Reduces oil & sweat secretion
• Provides bonding adhesive ample time to cure correctly
• Easy to apply
• Very economical to use


Directions: Make sure the scalp area is completely dry. Spray a small amount of No Sweat onto a paper towel or cloth. Wipe swiftly onto the area of the scalp to be bonded.No Sweat will dry almost instantly. You are then ready to apply your bonding adhesive



Cleans hair- gets rid of Odors - Neutralizes smelly hair

Performaxx Odor Neutralizer - 8oz **NEW**



Neutralizes unwanted odors from -
- food
- smoke
- tobacco
- pollutions
- chemical products





$16.90 - 8oz

Pro Hair Labs Odor Eliminator - 8oz bottle

Elimin8 - Pro Hair Labs Odor Eliminator - 8oz **NEW**

Elimin8 is a stand alone odor eliminator designed for hair replacement systems. Categorized on the cutting edge of odor eliminating technology, Elimin8 is a bioremediation catalyst which used microorganisms to return the natural balance of scent levels. Containing only organic ingredients, Elimin8 will ensure safe, effective use.


Elimin8 is an extremely economical product to use, simple spray over the top of the hair unit, let it settle and watch the results.


1. Holding the spray bottle 6 inches from the hair unit, spray the hair 5-6 times and let the mist settle.
2. Repeat this process twice.





Scalpmate Cleansing System.

Scalpmate Cleansing System **NEW**

The Scalpmate™ Cleansing System helps you keep your scalp hygienically clean and lets you feel refreshed any time of the day. So easy to use: light, flexible, and ultra-thin to bend and contour to the shape of your scalp. It is especially designed to be easily inserted under your hair system to reach all areas of your scalp.


The Scalpmate box comes with the Scalpmate reusable handle plush 3 Cleansing Sponges: their soft textured surface allows for gentle cleansing of the scalp to remove perspiration, dirt and oils.



Replacement sponges for the Scalpmate Cleansing System - 3 in package

Scalpmate Cleansing Sponges - pack of 3

A package of 3 replacement sponges to be used with the Scalpmate handle.


The Cleansing Sponges, with their soft textured surface allow for gentle cleansing of the scalp to remove perspiration, dirt and oils.





Topsol Chromatone Spray

Vapon Topsol™ Chromatone Spray (Black) - 4oz

Topsol Chromatone Sprayis a a coloring spray that restores faded hairpieces to a precise match without stiffening the hair. It temporarily restores faded hair pieces and eliminates brassiness; eliminating unsightly reds and yellows. It is not affected by water and perspiration. Topsol Chromatone Spray can be removed with shampoo. Unscented.


Directions: Hold can about 12 inches from clean hairpiece. Spray faded areas lightly and work in with comb or brush. Continue procedure until desired result is obtained.


Caution: Not to be used as hair dye or color.



Comfort Mist Bottle Warmer

Comfort Mist Bottle Warmer

With the Comfort Mist you never have to put on cold lotion or oils again! Or you can fill it with water and spray warm water instead of cold. Your clients will love you for this thoughtfulness.


Simply fill the bottle with the liquid you prefer to apply warm, allow it warm up then spray 4-5 times before spraying on hair. Hold the bottle 4-5 inches from the customer's head when spraying.


This warmer is suitable for home use too, not just for the Hair Stylist's Salon.



Friction Free Absorbent Towel

Reduces blow drying time and helps prevent split ends on fragile hair. Extra large size 12" x 12"



Satinique Pillowcase (White)

Protect your hair from excess friction when sleeping. Made from a unique satin material to prevent friction while sleeping, thereby keeping your hair looking and feeling great!



Wig Strap

Use this chin strap when cutting or styling your wig to keep it securely in place on your head. Easily clips on to ear tabs of any wig.



Hair Doctor Comb 5"

Rotating Tooth Hair Comb with regular spacing for all hair types in a convenient 5" size great for purses, pockets, gym bags, backpacks, etc.



Hair Doctor Comb 7"

Original Hair Doctor® comb features special rotating teeth that decrease hair pull-out and are much more gentle to hair than a conventional grooming comb. Teeth rotate 360 degrees to roll & glide through tangles, while adding a gentle massage.



Do-Rag, the headgear that keeps you cool


Mighty Cold Towel Do-Rag (Black)


"Wet it, Wave it, Wear it"


Introducing fashionable Do-Rags (only available in black) that lower the temperature 15-20 degrees when activated, making them a MUST HAVE for sports, chores or any activites in the heat.


The Do-Rag absorbs sweat, so keep eyes & eye-wear dry and conforms to most Health Dept. hair covering requirements. Fits under most helmets and hard hats.



Do-Rag, a must have for sports, chores and jobs in the heat


GREAT for Culinary Work , BBQ, Oil Fields, Motorcyclists, Athletics, Fishing, Hunting & the Gym


Activation - “Wet It, Wave It, Wear it”

Wet thoroughly, squeeze out excess, then wave for 20 seconds.
- Temp. of headgear will drop 15-20 degrees.
- Cooling will last 2-5 hours.
- Repeat to reactivate at any time!


Easy Care Instructions

Hand wash in warm soapy water.
Rinse thoroughly,squeeze, fold & place in the Zipper Bag.
Do-Rag will NOT mold,if stored CLEAN and DAMP


$15.00 each (only available in black)

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